Cordiana Dx16

DICOM ECG Viewer/Editor

Vendor-neutral diagnostic viewing, editing and printing of ECGs stored in your PACS/VNA.

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  • Doubly vendor-neutral
  • Expert Tools for ECG Review
  • View Stress and Holter Reports
  • DICOM Structured Reports (SR)
  • 100% Standardized Data Formats
  • Centralized Storage in PACS/VNA
  • Zero-footprint Browser Clients
  • Active Directory / LDAP Role Based Login
  • ATNA / DICOM Audit Trail

Expert Tools for ECG Review

Cordiana Dx16 offers a familiar and modern user experience, and features specialized workflow and integrated analysis tools, which are normally only provided in proprietary ECG management systems.

Structured reporting, with a customizable diagnostic statement library, increases interoperability and completeness of data. Non-destructive editing and version control ensures that the original record and waveform information is not modified.

Standardized Data Formats

By only relying on open standardized data formats, Cordiana Dx16 helps you regain control and ownership of your clinical data, facilitates easier and faster sharing of information, and safeguards very long term access to diagnostic records.

The doubly vendor-neutral system (storage and cardiographs) eliminates dependencies on specific manufacturers or software, allowing you to avoid vendor lock-in and employ best-of-breed purchasing.

Centralized Database and Interfaces

Cordiana Dx16 can supplement or eliminate your current proprietary ECG subsystem and enhances the productivity of your existing infrastructure investments by consolidating cardiopulmonary non-imaging studies in your PACS/VNA.

A single repository of diagnostic studies increases availability of information and reduces complexity and cost of HL7 interfaces between subsystems. You also minimize the need for continuous back-up and disaster recovery procedures, and ease the burden of complying with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Zero-footprint Browser Clients

Updating, configuring and maintaining client-side software is time-consuming.

Cordiana Dx16’s zero-footprint viewers run in an Internet browser and do not require any client-side plug-ins or installations. The system is centrally controlled, making it simple to administrate and roll out new features to all users simultaneously.

All network communication between the viewer/editor and the central server is encrypted. After a completed browser session, no clinical data or patient information is left on the end-user’s computer.